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Client Solutions 

Lakeview Valley Crisis Intervention Institute is a professional consulting organization committed to safe behavior management methods that focus on development, intervention, crisis prevention and training solutions across various behavioral health landscapes.

What Does an Educational Consultant Do?

Educational consultants can complete a wide variety of duties. Whether they’re researching new teaching methods or examining a school’s existing educational techniques, educational consultants work to improve the learning experience of every student.

The exact responsibilities of an educational consultant can include:

  • Advising teachers, school administrators, and school boards on any new educational strategies.

  • Providing insight to various school officials on ways to improve existing educational techniques or school policies.

  • Researching new teaching strategies or new ways to implement familiar teaching strategies.

  • Analyzing data sets and advising educators about changes that can be made to curriculums to increase student engagement.

  • Connecting with students through verbal communication, surveys, and other methods to determine their future needs.

  • Connecting with teachers to determine how well new policies are received, and to help address any issues with new protocols or teaching strategies.

  • Provisioning user-friendly reports to school executives regarding student reception of any new techniques.

These and other responsibilities keep an educational consultant busy as they help a school’s educators identify and implement new strategies to improve student performance.

At Lakeview Valley, our education consulting services include coaching teachers, parents and administrative staff on effective prevention and behavioral health solutions including best practice guides that shall be integrated into classroom and home environments. During each assessment, Lakeview Valley provides instructed guidance and content oversight that focus on inclusion and implementation. Our blended training systems include, but not limited to, utilizing engaging materials, establishing comprehensive plans to ensure the client needs are met, assessing crisis situations, providing intervention services that positively impacts the student’s school performance and training milestones with looped feedback.

Our instructional curriculum uses a behavioral/objective approach with performance assessments that asses the mastery of concepts, activities and processes. Lakeview Valley’s consultation infrastructure was designed to be efficient by providing cost effective long-term solutions that supplement intervention efforts and leadership training technical assistance using applied behavioral modification methods within the education system.


Our Method

Much of the research used in the development of our programs focus on the effectiveness of assessments as a learning tool. Time spent on training techniques supported by ongoing immediate looped feedback with extended practice. At Lakeview Valley, we are dedicated to offering research-based comprehensive intervention and training models that support staff members and parents seeking training solutions with regards to intervention protocols that address  mental health concerns.

Training Staff and Trainers

Lakeview Valley Train of Trainers (ToT) program is designed for those individuals interested in becoming a certified trainer. Lakeview Valley ToT program use the most effective training techniques available to ensure attendees learn and retain the content presented. Our advantage consists of combining various technique-based training methods into an effective blended learning approach.


Lakeview Valley Crisis Intervention Institute offer workshop series and content designed to be interactive, engaging, insightful and relevant for all participants. Our training courses and professional development curriculum analyze real world examples and assess how favorable procedures can be applied using ideal models.

Client Requesting to "Direct Hire" consultants on Contract: 

Direct Hire Inquiries- If Lakeview Valley acts as a liaison between organization (client) and the workforce (consultant) by matching consultants to businesses looking to fill specific positions, Lakeview Valley shall charge between 20% and 30% of the first-year contract value and 15% on all contracts renewed as a recruitment fee for our staffing support services. For a consultant earning $100,000 annually, the staffing fee would be roughly $20,000 to $30,000.


Direct Hire services

  • Percentage.  Once a LKV consultant has been successfully onboarded with the client, the sourced contractor shall remit a recurring referral commission based on the monthly invoice. This shall be 10%-12% percentage. 

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