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Lakeview Valley Crisis Intervention Institute offer workshops and professional development training programs that fall within our scope of work. Each workshop is facilitated by a certified professional mental health and/or behavioral consultant. All of our training programs and content is designed to be interactive, engaging, insightful and relevant to the clients' we serve.

Our training courses and professional development curriculum analyze real world examples and assess how favorable procedures can be applied using ideal models. Each training course or workshop is just for training and NOT certification. After each training course participants shall receive a certificate of completion for attending the workshop. Our courses are NOT available for certification.


Onsite and Remote training is available. All courses are 8 hours with training rates ranging between $199.99-$350.00 per participant based on the subject matter selecting. Discounted rates are available for NPOs, Staffing agencies, School Districts, and Youth Centers. 

To receive a FREE Quote for onsite training please complete the form below. Workshops available are: 

  • Crisis Intervention/ De-Escalation Training                                                               

  • Prevention and Early Intervention Training                                                               

  • Mental Health and Wellness Counseling                                                                 

  • Education Support Services                                                                                     

  • Speech-Language Therapy                                                                                     

  • Early Childhood Education Consulting                                                                  

  • Social Emotional Learning Consulting                                                                     

  • Special Education Consulting                                                                                  

  • School Crisis Intervention and Prevention Training                                               

  • Professional Development Training                                                                         

  • Trauma Informed Counseling                                                                                  

  • Behavioral Consulting & Counseling                                                                    

  • Family Therapy and Trauma Counseling                                                                  

  • Substance Abuse Counseling                                                                                   

  • Rehabilitation Training and Consulting 

  • Pre-K Assessments and Readiness Program 

  • One-on-One tutoring/ Academic Development                                                                    

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